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Not just email; eMarketeer’s versatile building model makes it easy to combine emails, forms, sms and web pages to facilitate your marketing objectives. The possibilities are unlimited. Here are a few scenarios that we’ve found to be the most popular amongst marketing professionals.

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What makes us different?

Smart, easy and fun

We believe that Marketeers should work smarter, not harder. We’re proud to offer a fun, easy to use tool for creating advanced marketing campaigns.

One tool to do it all

Harness the power of email, web, social, forms, and mobile channels with just ONE tool. Use this within your scheduled campaign flows to nurture leads and win business.

Automate it

Act on the behavior of prospects across multiple channels, nurturing leads at scale while better aligning sales and marketing teams. Set up is a matter of minutes.

Stay connected

With eMarketeer you gain access to a wide variety of integrations and plugins, over 250 actually! Integrating and consolidating your content has never been easier.

Connected to over 250 services!

Keep your content where it is. Connect your blog, CRM, or CMS system to eMarketeer and take advantage of our dynamic multi-channel emarketing system.

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We are proud to serve more than 1500 clients worldwide

Our customers include a broad range of the world’s most successful brands covering virtually all industries including Financial, IT, Travel, Medical, Media and the Telecommunications industries in both the B2B and B2C segments.

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