End User License Agreement

eMarketeer End User License Agreement

Version 2009-10-31

Through this user undertaking Follow-Up Systems AB wish to protect their customers and themselves from actions that could be harmful for all parties.

I confirm the following as individual user of the software concept eMarketeer towards my employer and Follow-Up Systems AB, (org. nr 556631-4497) (“FUS”), that I am aware of the content, approve, accept and be responsible for the following:

1. Rights of Customer

1.1 The use of eMarketeer requires personal registration and login by me as a user. I undertake to follow all instructions for use and safety instructions issued by FUS.

1.2 I shall not make or permit sale transfer or service bureau use of eMarketeer or the making of any modifications, additions or enhancements to eMarketeer, or cause or permit the reverse engineering, disassembly, or decompilation thereof. Copyright and all other rights concerning modifications of the service shall inure to FUS without any separate compensation.

2. Work-flow

2.1 Use of eMarketeer is obtained by unique login that is provided by Follow-Up after registration of customer information.

3. Consideration of information

3.1 It is the Customer that administrates the personal data that exists for use in the eMarketeer. And the Customer is responsible for the database is implemented in accordance with Swedish law

4. Secrecy

4.1 I undertake to use my best efforts that all business information disclosed by one party to the other in connection with the Agreement, shall be treated as confidential information unless such information is part, or later becomes part, of the public domain through no fault of the other party or it was later obtained by the other party from independent sources free from any duty of confidentiality.

4.2 I undertake to ensure that my user name and password are guarded safely, are used only by the intended users and do not come into the hands of any unauthorized users.

5. Policy for use of eMarketeer

A customer of FUS can not himself, nor allow any other party, abuse, unlawful or fraudulent use FUS services in such a way that includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • to have an target group, forums, mailing list for e-mail or other similar group list, send or post anything that causes complaints from the recipient of such unsolicited e-mail;
  • or, so-called “Mail Bombing and Spamming: e.g. that within a short time, send large quantities of unwanted messages by e-mail to one or more email accounts;
  • or to send unsolicited email to multiple users by e-mail where it is reasonably likely that the message will cause complaints from some of the recipients;
  • or, when an unauthorized user tries to access an account or computer resource that do not belong to the user in question;
  • or that intentionally in any way obtain or attempt to access a service without paying for it;
  • or, in any way unauthorized attempt to download, alter or destroy any information belonging to any of FUS customers or end users;
  • or, to participate in any activity (e.g., synchronized number sequence attacks) knowing that it will degrade the service for any of FUS customers;
  • or, illegally, or to support illegal activities using FUS services,
  • or, to spread illegal copies of commercial software or other copyrighted material.

FUS customers are responsible for their end-users’ documents and by receiving services from FUS is the customer to ensure that their end-users abide by this user undertaking. Complaint about an end user to a FUS customer will be forwarded to the relevant customer contracts manager for action.

If an unacceptable activity continues FUS can without notice suspend or take the necessary action that FUS considers necessary for services or products in question. FUS does not compensate the interruption occurred due to violation of this Policy.

FUS will collaborate with other providers of Internet and online services to prevent and obstruct abuse.