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Which marketing automation system is the right one for me?

How to Pick the Right Marketing Automation Tool – 6 Factors to Consider

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Ever feel that you’re just stuck? No leads are coming in, no business is made and your emails are either ignored or fails to even be delivered. I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz about marketing automation, could it be the answer to all your prayers of reaching sky-high levels of lead generation and nurturing? If you have decided to try...
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Why you should use marketing automation

Why Your Business Needs Marketing Automation

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There is this phenomenon that, since its breakthrough, has improved and streamlined marketing practices for multiple businesses. We're talking about marketing automation, a use of software that turned into a billion-dollar industry in just a few years and today, an average 49% of businesses has implemented it. However, that also means that there are many marketing professionals that have yet to...
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Email Warm Up – the Secret Behind Improved Email Deliverability [new feature]

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Improve Email Deliverability with Email Warm Up You crafted an email that you are sure your recipients will love and you happily press send, only to find out that your email never reached the inbox. Or worse yet, you ended up in the spam folder. You have the right email addresses, the sender information is correct, your email is legit,...
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Build a Mobile App in No Time [New Feature]

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Rock Your Events with the New Mobile App Feature. With the constantly growing number of smartphone users worldwide, people love to bring their precious gadgets wherever they go, including to your event. Therefore, the addition of an app to your marketing mix is the perfect way to boost excitement and engagement. With eMarketeer's new mobile app templates, you can build...
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eMarketeer takes part in the fight against spam

eMarketeer Joins CSA

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eMarketeer expects to see improved email deliverability and security as we are now proud to call us members of Certified Sender Alliance (CSA). But what is CSA, and why does this matter? Read along and we’ll give you a brief overlook on what this membership means to the eMarketeer users. What is CSA? As you send an email today, there are...
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How to Set Up the eMarketeer Dashboard [New Feature]

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As eMarketeer launches the dashboard feature for our PRO account users, tracking and measuring your marketing performance have never been easier. The feature is scheduled to be released in the upcoming weeks; when it's time to activate your account, a notification is shown in the tool. Note that the eMarketeer admin needs to log in to activate it. Why the eMarketeer...
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