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Grow Your Business with Trigger Based Email Marketing

By | Email Marketing, Marketing Automation | 8 Comments

If you perform a search for “Email marketing is” in Google and it will suggest “dead”. You’ve heard it before, right? For the last several years, marketers have been talking about the life span of email marketing. And for those of you who still click “Send to all”, the kind of one-size-fits-all email marketing blasts, then yes, marketers are right…

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Beyonce Visual Album Cover Art / Columbia Records

Surprise! 5 Ways To Give Your Marketing Star Power via Beyoncé Knowles

By | Marketing | 2 Comments

Shattering records & converting (social) non-believers. This past year the world witnessed Beyoncé make a marketing (and selling) splash of epic proportions.  With just one short Instagram video Beyoncé started a social media wildfire that led to 1.2 million tweets in just 24 hours and subsequently crashed iTunes as millions flocked to download her “Surprise!” (<-subject line of her Instagram…

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Guy Kawasaki

Inbound Marketing; Outbound Fervor

By | Inbound Marketing | One Comment

10 inspirational quotes from a guy named “Guy”. He’s the Hawaiian born author, speaker, investor and business advisor that led Apple’s charge against IBM back in the 80’s. Amongst other ventures, he’s the founder of the news aggregation site Alltop.com with over 1.4 million Twitter followers & over 241 thousand likes on Facebook. It comes as a shock to realize…

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Why 7 is such a jerk and other marketing tips

By | Marketing | No Comments

Most of us don’t have the condition called synesthesia, where numbers and letters and other building blocks of our language and knowledge have qualities associated with some of our senses.  I only found out that my daughter has this condition when I read her college entrance exam and found out that indeed, 7 was a real real jerk.  And by…

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Welcome to the blog

By | Marketing | No Comments

Video transcript: Hello everyone, My name is Klaus and I’m the Chief Marketing Officer at eMarketeer. We’ve been working behind the scenes for quite some time now and we’re proud to announce that we’re officially back at it when it comes to the blogging game here at eMarketeer. For those of you who’ve been with us since the start, you may…

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Add to Calendar blocks [New feature]

By | Email Marketing, Marketing, New Features in eMarketeer | No Comments

We’ve added a nifty little and much requested feature to a few of the email template blocks in eMarketeer. You can now easily add an “Add to Calendar” feature to your event invitations, launch mailings, newsletter and the like. When your recipients click Add to calendar your event will pop up in their calendars. The new Add to Calendar blocks…

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15 Tips to Make the Most of your Facebook Page

By | Social Media | 3 Comments

Facebook is hands down the largest social network on planet Earth. With more than 1.23 BILLION users it has become the most important platform on the web. Power brands and small business are showing up on Facebook like they mean it, turning Facebook fans into brand advocates and Facebook pages into powerful extensions to their online presence. While it is…

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