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If your company is using SPF (Sender Policy Framework) it means that it has listed which hosts / servers that are allowed to send emails in your company’s name. This means that emails sent with email addresses from your domain but from an external server that hasn’t been specified in your SPF records have a high probability to end up as spam.

When an email arrives at the recipient mail server, the server may check if the domain in the sender email address has an SPF record set up. If the domain has an SPF record, the recipient mail server will compare the sending mail server against the list. If the sending mail server is on the list, it’s a valid sender of the email and will pass, if it’s not it will be discarded as spam.

Therefore it is very important that you list our mail servers in your own SPF records if you are planning to send emails with emarketeer.

Here are the new server IPs to use in your SPF setting after July 2nd 2011.    mailport01.follow-up.se    mailport02.follow-up.se    mailport03.follow-up.se    mailport04.follow-up.se

Give this information to your IT department and they should have no problems including them to the SPF record.

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