Michael Winbäck

CEO, Business Operations & Founder

Michael, founder, has been working in sales and sales management within the IT industry since 1987.

Lars Hundal

Research and Development & Founder

Lars, founder and the one behind the company idea, has been a technical entrepreneur within the online software industry since 1998.

Robert Baldinger

CSO & Founder

Robert is one of the founders of eMarketeer and has been managing development, support, and consulting since the company’s beginnings in 2002.

Klaus Trolle

CMO & Partner Alliances

Klaus is a former eMarketeer client, but now responsible for marketing, business development, partner network growth and international sales.

Robert Andersson

Sales Manager

With over 15 years expericence in the computer industry, Robert is leading and managing the eMarketeer Sales Team.

Magnus Baudin


Magnus is an expert in Cloud Technologies, bringing a vast experience from working in the IT industry for over 20 years, he heads up the Technology at eMarketeer.