4 common marketing automation mistakes

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Marketing automation – this phenomenon that holds great opportunities for your business, if you do it right and stay away from these quite common marketing automation mistakes.

1. You’re trying too hard

You get a cool marketing automation system, of course, you want to use it as much as possible, but it can easily backfire. Compare this to any annoying sales person you’ve ever met. How do you feel when he overwhelms you with too much information at the worst timing possible when you’re clearly not interested in his deal anymore? That’s what your email subscribers are gonna feel like if you set up too many automations with irrelevant send outs – that’s also one of the top reasons why they leave your email list. Base the send out frequency on when you have relevant content. Do some test send outs to see what works for your audience.

Marketing automation mistakes

2. You’re not trying hard enough

Many marketers have this idea that the marketing automation tool is only used for pressing send for your emails. Hey, that’s just throwing money down the drain cause you’re not tapping into the full potential here. With marketing automation, you actually have the ability to catch your subscribers precisely at the right moment. Get out of your comfort zone, plan flows and explore the different features and channels that come with the tool and you’ll get your money’s worth.

3. You’re not delivering

Superb email deliverability is never a done deal, nor is it guaranteed when you use an email service provider. It’s still your job to make sure that your emails avoid the spam filters and actually arrive at the inboxes. In addition, to handle your send outs correctly, you should register for authentication services like DKIM, SPF and DMARC and they’ll vouch for your email being legit.

4. You’re going too fast

Do you know what one of the biggest regrets new marketing automation users had? That they had a solid plan before starting with it. Often, we tend to forget that marketing automation devours on content, and one day we suddenly run out of things to say. So, before you get going, prepare high-quality and relevant content put together in well-planned out flows to keep up with your subscribers and build strong relationships with them.

Learn when it’s the best time to talk to subscribers with relevant information, sent in a secure manner and you’re well on your way to become a marketing automation pro.

What marketing automation “blunders” have you seen?

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