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Klaus Trolle

5 things you should know about DMARC

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Supported by the world's largest email providers and adopted by top brands - DMARC is protecting more than 60 percent of email boxes worldwide. DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) is designed to reduce email abuse and help you improve your email delivery. It defines how email receivers perform email authentication using the existing SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys...
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Fallback – auto-correct your message when personalization fails [New feature]

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Keeping it personal with your audience is a really good way to build a long lasting relationship, and keep your audience interested in your newsletter. But personalization can sometimes be hard and demand full information on your recipients. With our new feature, Fallback, personalization will get much easier, and lack of data will no longer be a problem. The purpose of Fallback...
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5 Baby Steps for Marketing Automation Newcomers

5 Baby Steps for Marketing Automation Newcomers

By | Marketing Automation | 3 Comments

So… You’ve heard the buzz about marketing automation but after checking out two or three different software providers you’re still lost. Either that, or you’ve just adopted a marketing automation platform and perhaps you’re struggling to put it all (the bigger picture) together. You my friend are a “noob,” which is a popular online gaming term for being a newbie,…

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Beyonce Visual Album Cover Art / Columbia Records

Surprise! 5 Ways To Give Your Marketing Star Power via Beyoncé Knowles

By | Marketing | 2 Comments

Shattering records & converting (social) non-believers. This past year the world witnessed Beyoncé make a marketing (and selling) splash of epic proportions.  With just one short Instagram video Beyoncé started a social media wildfire that led to 1.2 million tweets in just 24 hours and subsequently crashed iTunes as millions flocked to download her “Surprise!” (<-subject line of her Instagram…

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Guy Kawasaki

Inbound Marketing; Outbound Fervor

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10 inspirational quotes from a guy named “Guy”. He’s the Hawaiian born author, speaker, investor and business advisor that led Apple’s charge against IBM back in the 80’s. Amongst other ventures, he’s the founder of the news aggregation site with over 1.4 million Twitter followers & over 241 thousand likes on Facebook. It comes as a shock to realize…

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