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How to identify anonymous website traffic and turn them into customers with Leadexplorer

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Every sales and marketing team dream about increasing their number of qualified leads. That's no surprise. Still, many companies today forget that they actually already have the most powerful marketing and sales tool at their disposal. A tool that collects information about leads everyday, but in the unknown. We're talking about your website and your website traffic. In this post,...
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7 things you need to do before posting your next blog post

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Blogging is hugely valuable to your business. Adding regular content to your blog boosts your SEO and helps position you as an industry expert. In order to generate that traffic to your site, high-quality content and blog posts are crucial. Below, we’ve listed 7 steps to make your next blog post even more valuable than the last one. Recommended reading:...
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Event Management for SuperOffice CRM

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Marketers consider events to be a great business opportunity to generate leads. It makes you wonder though when, according to a Salesforce survey, a whopping 80% of event attendees aren't followed up on. Sure, some guests were indeed followed up on, but not until 50 days after the event which decreases chances of closing immensely. I’m not saying events are a bad...
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