Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection – what does it mean for email marketers?

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We're in a time where privacy and how individuals' data should be handled are on everyone's minds these days. We see politicians and large companies take action to protect private data. In 2018, the European Union implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with regulations on how companies should handle data on EU citizens. Google has announced that they phase...
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4 marketing trends you need to know in 2021

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It's always important to reflect on past marketing efforts to see what worked and what didn't. But it's equally important to look ahead to see what trends are out there and which ones we should implement to stay updated and relevant to our audiences. With changes in customer behavior, algorithms, and updates in technology, marketing evolves fast. Although it might...
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Key takeaways from webinar “Storytelling in video marketing”

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We invited Ossian Veronese, co-founder and Agency head at the marketing agency Storisell, to host an eMarketeer Academy webinar where he shared his take on storytelling in video marketing and how stories can actually help you sell more. Video continues to be one of the most popular content formats when it comes to online marketing. Not only because a video is…

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Key takeaways from webinar “How to win at content marketing + 5 epic tips”

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Although it's been around for some time, the concept of content marketing continues to be a hot topic. We invited content connoisseur Stefan Jakobsson from BRV Agency and Migaloo, to guest host an eMarketeer Academy webinar. In this post, we put together some key takeaways from the webinar called "How to win at content marketing + 5 epic tips." Enjoy!...
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How to use video in email marketing

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What stories to tell? Educate, inspire, entertain; there are a bunch of different stories you could tell that work in email and that your recipients appreciate. But either way, Some alternatives are: Customer testimonials: Inspire your readers by letting your best advocates share how they can use your product/service. These videos are also perfect to show in sales meetings. Behind-the-scenes: …

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