New Features in eMarketeer

How to identify anonymous website traffic and turn them into customers with Leadexplorer

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Every sales and marketing team dream about increasing their number of qualified leads. That's no surprise. Still, many companies today forget that they actually already have the most powerful marketing and sales tool at their disposal. A tool that collects information about leads everyday, but in the unknown. We're talking about your website and your website traffic. In this post,...
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Email Warm Up – the Secret Behind Improved Email Deliverability [new feature]

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Improve Email Deliverability with Email Warm Up You crafted an email that you are sure your recipients will love and you happily press send, only to find out that your email never reached the inbox. Or worse yet, you ended up in the spam folder. You have the right email addresses, the sender information is correct, your email is legit,...
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Build a Mobile App in No Time [New Feature]

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Rock Your Events with the New Mobile App Feature. With the constantly growing number of smartphone users worldwide, people love to bring their precious gadgets wherever they go, including to your event. Therefore, the addition of an app to your marketing mix is the perfect way to boost excitement and engagement. With eMarketeer's new mobile app templates, you can build...
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How to Set Up the eMarketeer Dashboard [New Feature]

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As eMarketeer launches the dashboard feature for our PRO account users, tracking and measuring your marketing performance have never been easier. The feature is scheduled to be released in the upcoming weeks; when it's time to activate your account, a notification is shown in the tool. Note that the eMarketeer admin needs to log in to activate it. Why the eMarketeer...
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Create Your Event Landing Page in Minutes

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Creating a landing page for your event can be tricky. Responsiveness, embedded videos, maps, and the web design are all important components to make the perfect page. Each factor takes time and effort, or you might have to rely on consultants to build it for you. Either way, it's complicated. With our new event landing page template, your event management becomes...
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Fallback – auto-correct your message when personalization fails [New feature]

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Keeping it personal with your audience is a really good way to build a long lasting relationship, and keep your audience interested in your newsletter. But personalization can sometimes be hard and demand full information on your recipients. With our new feature, Fallback, personalization will get much easier, and lack of data will no longer be a problem. The purpose of Fallback...
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Add to Calendar blocks [New feature]

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We’ve added a nifty little and much requested feature to a few of the email template blocks in eMarketeer. You can now easily add an “Add to Calendar” feature to your event invitations, launch mailings, newsletter and the like. When your recipients click Add to calendar your event will pop up in their calendars. The new Add to Calendar blocks…

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