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3 steps to set up a lead scoring model and common lead scoring mistakes

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How to set up a lead scoring model and common lead scoring mistakes Lead scoring is a method to identify marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and to see how sales-ready they are. It means that your leads get points when they fulfill criteria that you find important to qualify a lead. Those criteria could be based on their interest in you...
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Build powerful filters in eMarketeer and other news

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We'd like to introduce the new heart of eMarketeer: the home of your contacts. In this article, we listed the latest news, which includes a new view of your contact list with search-function and a powerful filter builder.   Powerful filter builder The contact database with your leads and customers is the most precious thing for your marketing team. Segmenting...
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How to authenticate your email domain – step by step

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In this guide, you learn how to authenticate your domain and set up your custom domain as email from-address. Once you're done with authenticating your domain, please let us know by emailing and we'll activate the new email service for you.  How to set up custom email domain (authenticate your domain):   1. In eMarketeer, go to “Account” -> “Email...
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How to identify anonymous website traffic and turn them into customers with Leadexplorer

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Every sales and marketing team dream about increasing their number of qualified leads. That's no surprise. Still, many companies today forget that they actually already have the most powerful marketing and sales tool at their disposal. A tool that collects information about leads everyday, but in the unknown. We're talking about your website and your website traffic. In this post,...
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Email Warm Up – the Secret Behind Improved Email Deliverability [new feature]

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Improve Email Deliverability with Email Warm Up You crafted an email that you are sure your recipients will love and you happily press send, only to find out that your email never reached the inbox. Or worse yet, you ended up in the spam folder. You have the right email addresses, the sender information is correct, your email is legit,...
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