Create Your Event Landing Page in Minutes

Creating a landing page for your event can be tricky. Responsiveness, embedded videos, maps, and the web design are all important components to make the perfect page. Each factor takes time and effort, or you might have to rely on consultants to build it for you. Either way, it’s complicated.

With our new event landing page template, your event management becomes easy, fun, and a great time-saver. With features such as a countdown, maps and images, your guests won’t resist clicking on that register-button.

The template can easily be located in eMarketeer:

1. On the home page of your eMarketeer account, you click on “New Campaign.”

2. Give your campaign a name. Don’t forget to click on “Create Campaign.”

3. You’re campaign is up! You then want to click on the tab for “Webpage.”

4. Find the tab that says “Landing Pages.”

5. The template you want to click on is called “Event Landing 01 (R).” The R meaning that it is responsive and automatically works amazing on mobile devices.

It’s as easy as that! If you want to learn how to build your own design, take a look at the video posted.


What will your event landing page look like?

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