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Marketers consider events to be a great business opportunity to generate leads. It makes you wonder though when, according to a Salesforce survey, a whopping 80% of event attendees aren’t followed up on. Sure, some guests were indeed followed up on, but not until 50 days after the event which decreases chances of closing immensely.

I’m not saying events are a bad idea, 80% of attendees actually say that live demos and samples significantly impact their purchase decision. I’m saying there needs to be a huge improvement on how information is shared between the ones that sit on the important information on prospects and their interests (the marketing team) and the people whose job it is to follow up with them (yes, now I’m talking to you, sales team).

Here’s where the integration between eMarketeer and SuperOffice comes in handy – this is how the sales team is always notified of important lead behavior throughout the entire event process, preparing them for the follow-up.


Before the Event

Every type of communication – email invitations, reminder SMS’s, landing pages and mobile apps – are prepared by the marketing team in eMarketeer. Think of it as the all-in-one marketing tool box, where also all clicks and form responses from, for example, the email invitation, are reported. Sounds like the marketing team is quite ready to pull off the event. What about the sales team then?

Let’s imagine, just for a second, what it would look like without a smart integration between marketing and sales. As the sales person has no idea who will attend the event or perhaps what specific requests they have – his/her preparation for the event is just guess work or he/she has to bug marketing about event details all the time. Sounds inefficient and quite annoying, right?

By integrating SuperOffice CRM with eMarketeer, automations can be set up on basically any type of lead behavior the sales person is interested in.

In this case, it could be:

  • Gathering of all new contacts in the lead report in SuperOffice
  • Attendees collected in a SuperOffice selection or project
  • Email links and form responses are reported on the contact card in SuperOffice

All of it happens automatically and the sales team are now just as prepared for the event as their marketing colleagues.

During the Event

Mobile apps and evaluations are common forms of keeping the audience engaged and to collect important feedback while the event is going on. The best part is that all insights are gathered directly in eMarketeer and (yes you guessed it!) SuperOffice. If wanted, automations could also be set up notifying of a specific guest’s arrival.

Here’s what it could look like:

  • The guest arrives at the event.
  • The guest’s individual barcode that’s in the event app (built in eMarketeer) is scanned.
  • The scanned barcode triggers an automation in eMarketeer, notifying the sales rep in SuperOffice that the guest has arrived.
  • The sales rep, in this case, requested that an SMS is sent to him when the guest arrives so that he is ready to greet the guest in person.
  • The guest and sales rep meet up and they live happily ever after.

After the Event

Here’s where we get to the important follow up that we talked about in the beginning – and how we’re gonna change the fact that 80% of event attendees aren’t followed up on. Post-event evaluations are sent from eMarketeer, with forms where the guest fill out if they had a good or bad event experience. With instant notifications listed in the SuperOffice activity report, depending on how the guests replied to the evaluation, the sales reps can easily decide on the best way for a follow-up.

The integration between eMarketeer and SuperOffice is there to support you throughout the entire event process – and that’s just a part of the integration. Web visits, lead nurturing, surveys and mobile apps – all of it is supported with this integration.


What are your routines for follow up with event attendees?  

As Digital Marketing Manager, Josefine oversees strategies, production and processes for all content marketing efforts, including social media, email and blog. She also introduced videos into their content marketing strategy, in which she shares her best tips on different marketing topics.

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