How to identify anonymous website traffic and turn them into customers with Leadexplorer

Every sales and marketing team dream about increasing their number of qualified leads. That’s no surprise. Still, many companies today forget that they actually already have the most powerful marketing and sales tool at their disposal. A tool that collects information about leads everyday, but in the unknown. We’re talking about your website and your website traffic. In this post, you’re going to learn how to identify anonymous website traffic and how to turn them into customers.


Most B2B sales start online. Simply put, B2B buyers spend a lot of their time researching the Internet and then contacting a seller themselves when they’re ready for. Actually, 57% of the customer journey have already been completed before a sales person is even involved. At some point in their research, perhaps they click an ad or do a Google search, they end up on your website. The crux is that only 2 out of 10 visitors tells you who they are by filling out a form, etc. This means that leads have already started a buying process with you, and you don’t even know about it yet. Just imagine if you could get a name on those leads. This is where Leadexplorer can help you out. Just as the name implies, it’s a tool that helps you identify anonymous website traffic and really get to know your leads. Information that’s valuable to both your marketing and sales teams.

So what is Leadexplorer?


The short story is that Leadexplorer identifies the companies that visits your site and then grabs information all over the Internet to give you an enriched profile about those companies. These are some of the features you find in Leadexplorer.

  • The web leads list
    This is where the companies that visited your site are gathered. You learn their logo, location and more about the visit. For example, how they found your website.
  • Lead score
    Each lead gets a lead score based on their engagement and activity on your site.
  • Enriched company profiles
    Leadexplorer looks all over the Internet about the company and collects that information in a company profile. You don’t just learn company basics like industry and size, but also what they’re searching for on your site and what pages they spend the most time on.
  • Sales and marketing insights
    You might have more information about the company in your CRM or marketing system. Connect them to Leadexplorer and those insights are added to the company profile as well. (Visit this site to see what integrations Leadexplorer support.)
  • Live View
    With the one-of-a-kind Live report, Leadexplorer tells you what companies are on your site in real-time.
A screenshot showing information about company.
A screen shot of a Leadexplorer live view, showing a map.

So all this information about a lead, gathered in just one place from, what used to be, an anonymous web visit. It’s almost like magic.

What to do with all this information

Now on to the next question. Now that you have with all this information, how do you make the best use of it? You’ll notice that it’s valuable to both your marketing and sales team.

For your sales team:

  • Become involved earlier on in the buying cycle
    As mentioned earlier, most sales processes start without involving sales. Once it’s time for a salesperson to enter the game, they have no clue how the lead has researched your product, how they engaged in marketing activities and what they’re looking for. These are quite important insights for the sales team in order to make a compelling offer. With Leadexplorer, the sales team has access to these insights.
  • Qualify and assign the lead
    To quickly determine if the lead is qualified or not, you can look at the lead score. It’s based on their activity on your site and engagement. You can also go ahead and see what they searched for on your site, what pages they spent the most time on and even follow their exact steps on how they navigated on your site. If the lead looks interesting to you, you can assign it to yourself or to a colleague.
  • Influence the lead’s journey
    You might spot a lead that is interested and curious about you, but they might not be ready for a sales call just yet. Why not nudge them toward a piece of content to bring them further down the funnel or add them on Linkedin?
  • Be more relevant
    Planning to call and email some leads? Check out the companies in Leadexplorer first to see what their interested in and be more relevant in your conversation.
  • Keep an eye on your own customers
    It’s not all about newe leads, it’s also about keeping in touch with your current customers to have a long and healthy partnership with them. Stay pro-active and keep an eye out for when your customers visit your site and for why they’re visiting it.

For the marketing team:

  • Become a rock star to your sales team
    Leadexplorer serves you leads that you otherwise wouldn’t know about, which means more leads to hand over to sales.
  • Understand your website traffic
    Learn what type of companies that your site attracts and see how they engage and navigate in your site.
  • Get a marketing timeline and a list of employees
    Connect to your marketing system and Leadexplorer matches the company with your marketing database. If there’s a match, Leadexplorer lists the contacts that belong to this company along with a marketing timeline that shows how they engaged in your marketing content.

Leadexplorer is a product built by eMarketeer. We’ve been doing website traffic for more than 10 years.

You could actually find out right now what leads visited your site. Leadexplorer offers a week-long free trial, no strings attached. All you have to do is create an account, connect to your Google Analytics and you’ll see your leads pour in. Are you ready to identify anonymous website traffic and open up your goldmine of leads?

As Digital Marketing Manager, Josefine oversees strategies, production and processes for all content marketing efforts, including social media, email and blog. She also introduced videos into their content marketing strategy, in which she shares her best tips on different marketing topics.

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