Our 4 Most Popular Marketing Videos

By 21 December, 2016Marketing

This year, we hit a record in the number of videos published, all ranging from ”how-to” – style and success stories to in-depth on different marketing topics.

To stay-up-date on your marketing this holiday season, we listed our 4 most popular videos from 2016.

Our 4 Most Popular Marketing Videos

1. Rock Your Events with Mobile Apps

Starting off the new year with a big event? Among the glitter and drinks, why not add a mobile app for immediate success. The app can store everything from videos and maps to agendas and evaluations. Oh, and even better, you can build the app all by yourself, just in minutes. Here’s how to do it ->

use an app for your events

2. Email Warm Up Explained

We’re not the only ones that want to keep warm this winter season – so does your email contacts. The key here is that we want to be whitelisted, and avoid those grey – and blacklists (an email marketer’s worst nightmare). To become whitelisted, we need to handle our send outs correctly. Here’s how ->

do an email warm up in order for your emails to reach the inbox

3. Customized App for Event Success – Mitel Success Story

Mitel saw great results as they created an app for their annual event. With 350 visitors, they reached a 90% adoption rate as each app was customized for each participant. The guests could see their own agenda, filled out surveys on the fly and saw their table placements for the festivities in the evening.

Mitel used a personalized app for their event

4. Lead Nurturing for SuperOffice

Here’s the story: Josie the Marketer is super happy that her marketing content comes to good use, as leads engage in it all themselves online. Anders the Sales Guy doesn’t feel very smart, as he has no clue when and how prospects engage in marketing content. Here’s how Anders can feel smart again ->

Smarter marketing with eMarketeer and SuperOffice

What topic would you like to see a video on? Let us know in the comments below!

As Digital Marketing Manager, Josefine oversees strategies, production and processes for all content marketing efforts, including social media, email and blog. She also introduced videos into their content marketing strategy, in which she shares her best tips on different marketing topics.

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    Email marketing most common and impotent for your marketing strategy. If you want to survive and get success then you must use social media rightly.

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