Fallback – auto-correct your message when personalization fails [New feature]

Keeping it personal with your audience is a really good way to build a long lasting relationship, and keep your audience interested in your newsletter. But personalization can sometimes be hard and demand full information on your recipients. With our new feature, Fallback, personalization will get much easier, and lack of data will no longer be a problem.

The purpose of Fallback is that you should be able to face your audience in a personal manner no matter if you have a huge contact list, and might lack some necessary information on some of your contacts. If you miss some important information Fallback will automatically cover the blanks.

E.g. you want to send out an email that starts with “Dear First name”. The recipients in your list that have a first name included will receive the email with a personal greeting, but the recipients that you lack information on first name will open the email with something else. Fallback will in that cover the missing information and the email will display a substitute for the namne, e.g. “Dear Customer”

Bottom line; Fallback auto-corrects your message when personalization fails.

We hope you like this nifty little feature and that it will bring you one step closer to getting personal with your recipients.

Give personalized email campaigns a try in eMarketeer or read more about personalization.

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