Get a head start building your emails using one of eMarketeer’s free email templates. All templates are mobile-friendly and easy to customize to fit your brand.

5 benefits with eMarketeer’s newest email templates:

There are dozens of templates to choose from to fit your messaging, whether it’s for newsletters, holiday greetings, event invitations, product promos, and so on. The templates also come with smart functions and settings that let you create emails that both you and your recipients will love.

1. Lots and lots of design options

You get over 60 different types of content blocks that you can use to design your emails. The content blocks match well together for simple editing. 

Tip! For more email design ideas, check out this on-demand webinar on email design trends for inspiration

2. High image resolution

Grab the eye of your recipients with super-sharp images in your email. In eMarketeer, you also have access to a stock image photo library along with an editor to create or edit images to fit your message. 

3. Smart settings for link sharing and preheaders

With the smart link share settings, you are in control of how you want the link preview to look like when the email link is shared on, for example, social media. You set the image, title, and description. 

This is also where you set your email preheader. The preheader is the text you see right after the subject line in the inbox which is a preview of the email contents. Usually, the preheader shows the first piece of text from email, but instead, you could customize it to convince your recipients even more to open the email. Use the preheader to lengthen your subject line och write another call-to-action. 

An email inbox on a mobile phone showing examples of email subject lines with and without email preheaders.

4. Support Google fonts 

If you want to use a Google font for your email, all you have to do is type the font’s name in the email settings and you’re good to go. You can also choose if you want to use the font for all email copy or just the headlines.

5. Templates optimized for more email clients

As an email marketer, you have probably experienced that your emails might look different to your recipients depending on the type of email client that they use. These templates have a root code that makes them look better in more email clients. 

Have an eMarketeer account? If you already have saved templates in eMarketeer, we highly suggest you re-build them using one of these new templates to enjoy the benefits of sharper-looking emails.

Got questions about the email templates or want to talk more about marketing with us? We’re looking forward to talking to you, and you can reach us here. 

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