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From Idea to App in No Time

Build Your Own Mobile App – In Minutes

Increased engagement, a user-friendly medium and the gathering of important information in one place – just a few reasons why you should use an app for your business. And you can easily build your own, no coding experience is needed and distribution is just a click away.

Easy to Build
No coding experience needed, you simply use the “drag-n-drop”- technique in the intuitive editor.

Platform Agnostic
Use the same app for any smartphone, it works on every device that has a web browser.

Quick Distribution
You won’t need any approval from app stores, all you have to do is a quick send of a link.

Make it Your Own
The editor allows you to easily customize the app with your own stylish design.

Hosting an Event? Appsolutely!

Need a product manual or want to provide excellent customer service in a creative way? There are endless scenarios on how to use an app for your business, one of the most popular ones is for events. Here’s why:

Increased Engagement

See adoption rates peak as the users take part of your best content with a simple download process, without having to take a detour via app stores. Have them engage in videos, evaluations and social media, all from your app!

Keep it All in One Place

Participant lists, agendas, galleries and maps – that and much more in just one place, straight into your participants’ pockets. The event app blows printed schedules and programs out of the water.

Expand Event’s Time Span

Before, during and after the event; the app stays for the whole process. Start some buzz by posting important information prior to the occasion, use it during the event with agendas and then have the guests evaluate their experience, all this with the help of your app.

Event marketing with mobile apps

Build and Distribute with eMarketeer – All in One Day

No Coding Approach

With the intuitive editor, building an app is just as easy as creating your newsletter. No coding or app developing skills needed, you just need the idea!

Any Device – Any Platform

The apps work on any phone that has a browser, which means that you can use the same app for Apple iOS, Android based phones or any other platform.


Create an app that is in style with your brand. We have the templates to get you started, but then it’s up to choose colors, design and content.

Fast Distribution

You don’t have to wait for any approval from app stores, just do a quick send of a url-link via email or sms and it reaches your users in no time.

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