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Create powerful newsletters and email campaigns, with stunning templates, personalization, video in e-mail and complete customization.

What makes us the best choice?

Easy to Learn & Use

Our intuitive content editor is known for being fun and easy to use without the need of prior knowledge.

Beautiful results in no time

Our huge library of professional email templates makes you look like an experienced designer.

Premium Deliverability

eMarketeer score 10/10 in email deliverability, security and sender reputation.

Driving Leads & Sales

Capture interest and nurture to qualified leads with eMarketeers tools for inbound marketing.

Get a head start with over 100 responsive templates

eMarketeer’s templates aren’t just beautiful on a computer; with our responsive templates, we ensure that your marketing creations look great on mobile devices as well.

… and create great looking content with a breeze.

Drag and Drop

Our intuitive editor allows you to drag and drop content around as you create your email.

Auto Image Resize

With a single click, our template automagically ensures the correct sizing and styling of all your content.


Personalize email sender, email subject and email content with info from the contact card. Personalize content in your emails with Dynamic Content.

In-App Training Videos

If you need help building great campaigns or maybe looking for some inspiration, our built-in video player got over 100 video tutorials and it’s just a click away.

Our email builder adds an element of simplicity to editing content and our template control ensures maximum deliverability in all email programs.

Connected to over 250 services!

Keep your content where it is. Our editor is connected to over 250 external content services i.e. Youtube, Vimeo, Google Maps, Slideshare, Instagram, Bambuser and more. Just copy and paste the link to your content and we will do the rest.

Deliver your emails with confidence!

Over 350 Millions of unauthenticated messages are rejected every month! Secure Email Domain is an easy way to secure your email sendouts from fraud and phishing attempts.

10/10 – Perfect emails! scores our emails 10/10.


Fully authenticating your emails makes them more trustworthy, which can improve the deliverability of your emails.

 No fraud or phishing

You prevent other parties to use your domain name (brand) as from address, pretending to be you.

 Better Sender Score

Your reputation as a sender increases which is important to make it past spam filters.

Get through Spam filters

The famous spam filter SpamAssassin give emails created with eMarketeer the thumbs up, with an extremely low spam score.

Supported by email providers like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo – DMARC is already protecting 60 percent of email boxes worldwide.


In this webinar on how to build great email campaigns you’ll learn how to use eMarketeer to customize and design emails that get opened. See how to leverage social media to spread your message and how to benefit from marketing automation in your email campaigns. DURATION: 60 MINUTES

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