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eMarketeer allows you to design, schedule, automate and execute your entire event process. This includes pre-event communications, on site registrations and information all the way through to post-event follow-up.

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Day before SMS


Create awareness

Generating buzz and interest about your event is essential. Using email, web, social and mobile in seamless harmony means connecting with your participants where they are.

Perfect emails

“Save the date” emails and invitations that look amazing and that score 10/10 on delivery are essential to getting your audience excited and informed.

Event landing pages

Gorgeous responsive landing pages filled with rich media housing all the cool details about your event.

Connect on social

Publish invitations, landing pages and registration pages to social networks to engage with your online following

Register participants

The event registration site is the hub of your event management. Here’s where you design the perfect registration form to capture all the information you need from your participants.

Smart forms

Registration forms can be smartified and only show the relevant questions to your invitees.

One click sign-ups

Auto-populate with the info you already have to make sign ups quick and easy for your participants.

Realtime reporting

Quickly share online reports on event registrations with your management team, your catering company, or other external partners you are relying on to make your event a success.

Remind and notify

Put your reminder and notification processes on autopilot. Let eMarketeer keep track of your invitees. Automatically send reminders to the people who’ve not yet registered as well as inform your sales team about which customers are going.

Automated reminders

Put your reminder and notification processes on autopilot. Let eMarketeer keep track of your invitees and automate reminders as well as inform your sales team in real-time about which customers are going.

Sales enablement

Automate email or SMS text message notifications to sales reps and account management when customers register for your event. Or, why not send the information real-time to your CRM system?

Manage event logistics

On the day of your big event all the pieces must fall perfectly together. From easily registering participants, to last minute communication to event goers, and all the way to live streaming your event to your web, social and mobile apps.

Registration and barcode scanning

Scan event confirmation emails, mobile tickets or your mobile event app for quick registration of participants.

SMS text messaging

Send last minute information and important broadcasts to event goers via personalised text messages.

Go mobile with apps

Your event participants are expecting you to be fluent in mobile and apps are an essential part of fitting into their mobile lifestyle. In addition to providing a genuine “wow” factor to your event, apps serve as a great tool for fostering engagement before, during and after your events.

“No coding needed” app development

Absolutely no developer skills required to build feature rich and fully customisable apps. You can deploy your app via email or SMS and do not need the headache of app store approval.

Customised and personalised content

Your app will boost your individual design and provide a personalised experience for the user. You can add more than 250 types for content and features to your app.

Engage with audience

Engaging with your audience creates a much more interactive experience at your event. Include real time evaluation from your audience, agendas, slides, interactive maps, news, streaming and recorded video and tons more features in your app.

Evaluate your success

After the event you’ll make sure to follow-up with participants and ask for their evaluation of the event. Send them presentations and other material as well as communicate specifically to no-shows with any relevant material.

Automated feedback and event follow-up

Automated event evaluation invitation emails and post event campaigns to participants and no-shows.

Survey and evaluation forms

Fully featured survey capabilities with dynamic questionnaires and reminders.

Real-time reporting

Quickly share online reports on event evaluation with your management team and automate follow-up tasks in your CRM based on participant evaluations.

Drive sales

After your event make sure to plan for nurturing the participants and no-shows with relevant information to generate sales and automatically keep sales and account managers in the loop by creating tasks and new leads in the CRM.

Generate leads

Automatically create notifications to sales and add tasks in your CRM when purchase intentions are revealed during your event, be it in registrations, evaluations, from data capture via tablets on stands or visitor interactions with your event landing page and mobile app.

Nurture opportunities

Initiate lead nurture programs and targeted campaigns to prospects after your event with the information you’ve gathered during your event.


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From invitations, reminders, and registration forms to evaluations and follow up automations.

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