Your marketing can now truly embrace the mobile consumer.

Going mobile with eMarketeer!

Create gorgeous responsive emails and include text messaging and mobile apps in your marketing mix.

Your leads and customers are interacting with your marketing touch points on a plethora of screens from desktops to laptops, tablets and phones. That is why it is important that your emails, forms, and landing pages look great on all screen sizes.

Meet the mobile marketing demands of today

Responsive design

Our huge library of templates for every purpose are all built in mobile friendly responsive design to make sure they look great no matter which device they are viewed on.

Text messages

Personalized text messaging can be a powerful way to communicate with your customers and leads.

Mobile apps

Easily create and distribute your own apps for events, tradeshows, your point of sales or perhaps even to your sales reps.

Mobile pages

Mobile ready and responsive templates for landing pages, mobile surveys, coupons, barcodes and tickets.


Check out our webinars on “Responsive email design” and “How to build mobile web apps” to learn more about
how eMarketeer can make enhance your mobile marketing strategy.

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Create mobile apps

Few things are more personal and closer to your customers than their phone. That’s why including mobile web apps in your marketing mix can be very powerful. There are countless app scenarios but some classics are event apps, customer service apps, product documentation apps, and many more.

“No coding needed” app development

Absolutely no developer skills required to build feature rich and fully customizable apps. You can deploy your app via email or SMS and do not need the headache of app store approval.

Any device – any platform

You will be building web apps for mobile which means that they will run on all phones with a browser. That means just one app for Apple iOS, Android based phones or and any other platform.

Customized and personalized content

Your app will boost your individual design and provide a personalized experience for the user. You can add more than 250 types for content and features to your app.

Send text messages

Personalized text messaging is an effective way of reminding your contacts about upcoming events or confirming transactions. You can send tickets, coupons with barcodes or perhaps notify sales about their leads’ behavior.

Global delivery

Delivering text messages worldwide can become a daunting endeavor, but you can rest assured that our infrastructure ensures delivery across the globe.

Automated messages

Text messages can be scheduled on specific times or triggered by recipient behavior.

Personalized content

In many ways, text messaging is a more personal form of communication than email. That’s why we’ve made it possible to personalize your text messages down to the last detail.

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