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Survey and evaluation builder

Create quick evaluation questionnaires and full scale multi page surveys with the easy drag and drop form builder.

What makes us the best choice?

Easy to learn and use

Our intuitive content editor is known for being fun and easy to use with no developer skills needed.

Survey templates

Our huge library of professional survey templates gets you up and running in no time.

Smart forms

Make your surveys intelligent by easily setting display rules, skipping logic, data syncing and validations.


Form answers can trigger a host of automations including emails, SMSes and activities in your CRM.

Hit the ground running with tons of templates

eMarketeer’s templates aren’t just beautiful on a computer; they are all built in responsive design ensuring that your surveys and evaluations look great on mobile devices as well.

Customize and add intelligence

Huge set of question types

The many different question types will ensure that you’re always getting answers that strikes the perfect balance between respondent experience and data quality.

Advanced rules

Setting rules allows you to dynamically show and hide questions based on recipient answers. You’re also able to ensure strict data validation when needed and sync answers to contact profiles for segment building.

Automate on answers

Set follow-up processes on autopilot. You can automate feedback to respondents based on their answers as well as initiate drip campaigns and push data and activities to the CRM.

Pre-populated forms for quick sign-ups

Your forms can automatically pre-populate with the contact details you already have in store helping you drive conversions up.

Drag and Drop

The intuitive editor allows you to drag and drop content around as you create your survey.

The survey builder adds an element of simplicity to editing content and our templates ensures that surveys look good on all devices.

All-in-one tool for online marketing

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