Linking contacts to their digital footprints

See the person behind the visit!

Finally you can see who is visiting your website and what pages they spend time on. This is a gold mine of valuable information helping you deliver relevant information to your leads and close more sales.

Deliver relevant content

Create segments and targeted campaigns based on visitor behavior.

Create qualified leads

Deliver qualified leads to sales based on which pages on your website they’ve visited.

Close more sales

Give your sales teams full insight into their leads’ website visit history helping them better understand their leads interests.

Easy implementation and fast results

Easy to implement

Getting website monitor up and running on your website is easy and only takes a few minutes.

360-degree view

Get a true multi-channel view on your leads’ activities across all touchpoints including your website.

Integrated reports

Website monitor reports are available in eMarketeer as well as in supported CRM platforms.

Follow the customer journey

Win business by delivering the customer journey on your website to sales directly in the CRM.

Timeline Report

With the interaction timeline report, you can view contact profile information, monthly interaction rates as well as lifetime interaction details with drill down, all displayed in chronological order.

Contact profile

Profiling information from all over the web including biography, company name, profile image and location details where publicly available.

Social footprint

Overview of social network presence and one click access to all social network profiles on Facebook, Linkedin, twitter and many others.

Discover new relations

Drill down on contacts from same email domain to find colleagues and peers that you can engage in your sales strategy.

Explore interactions

See interaction trends as well as all lifetime interactions chronologically sorted and drill down to single event detail level.

All-in-one tool for online marketing

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