eMarketeer Dashboard

See Your Marketing Results

Track Your Marketing Performance

Learn which of your marketing activities are the most effective and use the results to improve your overall performance. With the eMarketeer dashboard, tracking and interpreting those marketing results have never been easier.

Simple Set Up

Just add your target and the time period you wish to track, the rest is handled automatically.

Put a Value on It

Easily track your Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) to see which activities are of value to your marketing.

A Gold Mine of Information

Collect the most accurate results with the metrics presented, contact information and historical data.

Interpret Easily

Skip the complicated equations, the results are displayed right there in your charts for you to analyze.

Simple Set Up – In Less Than a Minute

Select what you want to measure, pick the time period and set your target. That’s it, the chart does the rest by calculating and presenting the numbers to you in real-time.

Each chart in your dashboard represents one goal, and you can add as many charts as you want. Track sign-ups, downloads, requests and your journey towards success!


One Chart – Tons of Valuable Information

Once you’ve set up your charts, loads of data are presented to help you analyze the effectiveness of your marketing.

Measure the Value

Each chart is equipped with a ROMI – calculator that automatically tracks the Return on Marketing Investment. Add your values to the chart, and you see the worth of the particular goal.

See Your Progress

How close are you to reaching your target? The progress bar can tell you as it presents the percentage of your completed process. You can also look at the graph to see your process and performance, day by day.

Get Personal

Each chart shows you every contact that interacted with the specific goal as well as when they did it. A gold mine for lead management!

All-in-One Tool for Online Marketing

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