Partner Agency Program

eMarketeer for Agencies is designed to grant you access to all the powerful features and plugins of eMarketeer so that you can put them to work for your clients. You can easily organize your clients in sub-accounts for complete control and overview while co-branding the application to strengthen the relationship between your brand and your customers.

Whether you are managing all of your clients’ activities and just passing along great reports to them; or, you’re providing them with designs and consulting to enhance their use of eMarketeer, the Agency edition is for you.


  • Grow your business by introducing a new product for your clients
  • Earn commissions on your clients’ subscriptions
  • Choose between “per transaction” Pay-as-you-go plans and “all inclusive” monthly subscriptions
  • Co-brand eMarketeer to boost relationships with your clients
  • Free to join – no cost to you
  • Free eMarketeer Pro account allowing you to build expertise and create client projects
  • Exclusive, free sales and marketing tools plus training
  • Join the Agency Forum to share tactics and strategies with other Agencies

Who is this for?

  • Online agencies
  • Marketing agencies and consultants
  • Advertising agencies
  • SEO and SEM consultants
  • Web designers and developers
  • Professional service consultants
  • PR firms
  • Event planners
  • Small business consultants
  • CRM Specialists
  • Event marketing agencies

What do you want to do?

Grow it

Today you are already handling important projects for your clients’. Maybe you are helping them with their marketing efforts, design, search, brand or web presence. Why not add email marketing and marketing automation to the mix? With eMarketeer’s Agency forum, help and advice is never far away. Whether you are searching for best practices, a pricing strategy or simply need some eMarketeer help our support team and your peers are here to help.

Earn it

Whether you are invoicing your clients based on their usage (pay-as-you-go), baking it into your consulting fee or selling commission generating subscription plans, the eMarketeer Agency Program will be a revenue generator for you no matter how you cut it. With no up-front investment or partner fee you will reach break even and start earning money faster than you can say ROI!

Organize it

Whether you’re doing freelance, in-house or agency work, you’ll make eMarketeer work the way you do. Give clients a full-featured account of their own or manage everything behind the scenes and just share reports and results. Collaborate internally with your staff or work with the client team in eMarketeer to match the process and working style that best suit you and your client.

Brand it

Which is the best multi-channel e-marketing platform for your clients? It is you own! Co-brand eMarketeer and deliver the best in class tool under your own name without a single line of code development. When your clients work with eMarketeer they will be building and strengthening their relationship with your brand and expertise.

Re-use it

Copying great campaigns, templates and processes from one client to another could not be easier. Simply point and click and the entire campaign is copied between your sub accounts. Re-brand and re-write the content and you are good to go. This will let you focus on your creative and consulting services instead of doing redundant work – eMarketeer does that for you.

Build it

Use eMarketeers extensive template library as a starting point and skin and re-design them to build your own template portfolio. Use and re-use these templates across all your clients with the simple and intuitive copying between accounts.

Understand it

In your Agency Partner dashboard you have complete overview of all of your clients including their latest activity, payment plans and commission statements. Seamlessly jump between customer accounts with single sign on to work on the individual accounts.


Ready to join forces?

Apply for partnership here