Partner Reseller Program

As an eMarketeer reseller you have one of the most powerful yet easy to use e-marketing platforms in your product portfolio. You can bring new value to your existing client base and truly leave a footprint in the clients value chain that goes well beyond service and consulting by leaving a tangible best-in-class tool in their arsenal.

But why stop there? Grow your market share by attracting new clients using eMarketeer as leverage in your sales pipeline and build new lead relations by pitching yourself as both a consulting and execution company.

As a reseller you can sell eMarketeer to both end users and to agencies in sectors such as advertising, marketing, and the likes. If you’re dedicated to growing your network of end clients and agency partners alike, there really is no limit to how far you can go with the eMarketeer Reseller Program.

The Benefits

  • Bring new products and services to your clients
  • Grow your business by introducing a new product to your market place
  • Share a healthy portion of the generated revenue from your direct sales – for the lifetime of the client
  • Free to join – no cost to you
  • Free eMarketeer Pro account* – hands on experience to build expertise
  • Exclusive, free sales and marketing tools plus training
  • Join the Partner Forum to share tactics and strategies with other Resellers

Who is this for?

Becoming an eMarketeer Reseller is for companies that see the potential of distributing eMarketeer on a local market.

  • Large business network
  • IT Consulting companies
  • Marketing consulting companies
  • CRM Solution companies
  • Skilled SaaS solutions sales organizations

*Continuous free use of eMarketeer requires sales quotas to be met.

Ready to join forces?

Apply for partnership here