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At ABAX there’s a saying that there are only two types of people in the company: The sales people and the people helping the sales people sell. So naturally, they needed a marketing platform that not only worked great for marketing but also delivered relevant information and qualified leads to sales. The solution was a seamless integration of a marketing automation platform and their SuperOffice CRM.

eMarketeer has helped us tie together sales and marketing in an easy and effective way! Now sales has exactly the same information and insight as marketing – directly in SuperOffice.

Sandra Lindberg, Director Marketing, ABAX as

eMarketeer is ABAX’s all-in-one tool for online marketing.

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For the ABAX marketing team, generating and nurturing leads is essential, but equally important is it to be able to hand leads over to sales in a seamless and effective way. And there’s no better way to do that than to deliver the leads directly into the CRM where the sales team “lives”. Sales can now take over and work on the leads armed with all the marketing history and behavioural information about the lead, readily available in the CRM.


ABAX has designed an effective and personalized “new customer onboarding” – process to ensure that new users of ABAX products get a great experience and maximum value from their investment.

By combining transactional emails on new orders and lifecycle marketing campaigns around product categories, ABAX stewards the customer journey to increase adoption and repeat purchase.

“eMarketeer makes things a lot easier for me and it enables us to do a lot more projects than before – and in less time.

Kenneth Hansen, Marketing Coordinator, ABAX as


In addition to lead generation and customer onboarding, the ABAX marketing teams truly have a lot on their plate. From distributing newsletters across six countries to managing large events with multiple touchpoints and a strong Facebook presence. Add to this a dedicated focus on staff health and job satisfaction and you’re looking at campaigns and projects that are impressive not only in numbers but also in variety and results.

Gathering all these projects in one platform has given marketing the ability to be fast and agile. At the same time their colleagues in sales have never been better informed about their leads and customers.

About ABAX

ABAX is a developer and supplier of Vehicle Tracking Systems and Fleet Management software, to businesses who operate company vehicles.

Their products are world-leading in their respective fields and are helping customers to reduce the overall fuel spend.

The company was founded in 2003 in Larvik Norway and now operates in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland and the United Kingdom.

eMarketeer has proudly served ABAX since 2013.

eMarketeer is ABAX’s all-in-one tool for online marketing.

Try eMarketeer and see why.


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