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There were big celebrations when ANFO suddenly got a 40% increase of memberships for their organization. But then they discovered that they faced a challenge. As they now caught the eye of some Norway’s most prominent advertisers, ANFO needed to become more professional in their communications. This is the story of how ANFO use eMarketeer to streamline all marketing with mobile apps and event management, and how they all tied it together with their SuperOffice CRM.

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“The best part with eMarketeer is that it’s so simple. I can take just one day to get everything done for the upcoming six months. I’m very fond of eMarketeer.”

-Marlene Rasmussen, Project Manager at ANFO

Multiple channels with just one tool

On average, marketers use more than 12 tools to do their work. By managing all channels in the same place, ANFO is now more efficient while cutting cost and time spend.

Email marketing is a clear success for ANFO; 70% of their seminar registrations come from their emails. But apart from emails, ANFO mix & match with SMSs and evaluations for a smooth customer journey and happy members. But the key is still marketing automation. That way, ANFO can automatically send information about their members and recipients to SuperOffice CRM and the sales team. In other words, ANFO uses all features supported by eMarketeer to streamline their marketing.

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“We use eMarketeer for our events because it allows us to keep all information in just one place, for example, email invitations, reminder SMSs, the event app and last but not least the surveys and evaluations.”

-Tommy Torjesen, Head of Events & Partnerships at ANFO

Combine all channels for effortless event management

ANFO hosts several seminars for their members throughout the year, including the biggest event of the year, “Den Store Annonsørdagen.” Needless to say, that takes a lot of planning and event management, but ANFO has got it figured out when it comes to simple management and follow-up.

ANFO uses eMarketeer for the whole event process; email invitations, reminder SMSs, surveys and follow-up evaluations. This means that ANFO doesn’t need a whole team to pull off successful events. Actually, it’s so simple, that they only need one person to do it.

The most valuable key for their event success? The mobile app for the guests to use during the event.

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Anyone can build an app. Just ask ANFO.

For the event “Den Store Annonsørdagen,” ANFO decided that the smartest way to share information with their guests was with the help from an event app. Building the app is just as easy as building an email newsletter. 

The guests used the event app frequently as they could find directions, agenda, more information about the speakers and much more, all in the same place. Perhaps the most important part for ANFO, was that the guests could evaluate the event and seminars directly in the app. The answers were immediately reported in eMarketeer and, if needed, directly sent to SuperOffice CRM.


ANFO is an organization for Norwegian marketers and advertisers; they call themselves “the marketing manager’s best friend.”

The mission is to improve and create the best conditions for marketers. They seminars and opportunities to network for their members that consist of both small and large businesses.

eMarketeer is ANFO’s all-in-one online marketing tool.

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