Your workflows will never be the same

Let leads drive themselves down the pipe

Marketing automation is an integral part of any advanced lead nurture and lifecycle marketing program. Put automations in place that listen to the behavior and buying signals from your prospects, then sit back and watch them set off a chain of events once triggered. Set up is a matter of minutes.

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It doesn’t have to be complicated

Automating your marketing processes does two big things for you; it frees up time for your Sales and Account managers to close more deals and allows you to focus more on content and strategy. With eMarketeer it’s easy to automate actions and work flows based on prospect behavior in all of your marketing channels.  Whether it’s web, email, mobile, surveys, event registrations, campaign sites or Facebook, it’s crucial to create a tailored experience for your target audience. Our automations make this possible.


Automations simplified


Easy setup

Setting up an automation is quite easier than it sounds. Simply tell eMarketeer what you would like to have happen, when it should happen, and what should trigger it. That’s it!

Scheduling and flows

You can schedule and delay automations to create the perfect lead nurture campaign and notify sales when the lead is qualified for contact.

Complete freedom

If there’s one thing we value and understand at eMarketeer it’s that you need complete control of your marketing processes.  With eMarketeer’s automations your campaigns are never restricted to limiting scenarios. You can add as many – or few – steps in your work flows and create as many branches as you want.

Amazing versatility

Your marketing automation flows can move leads effectively through your sales funnel across all of your marketing channels be it email, web, mobile or social. Utilize these automations to put lead nurture on auto pilot, manage your corporate events more effectively, or simply design a gorgeous welcome process for new newsletter subscribers. The options are truly endless.



Bring Sales and Marketing together



With the plug and play CRM integrations
your marketing automation skills jump
to a whole new level.

Plug and play

Integrating eMarketeer with your Salesforce or SuperOffice CRM system is a matter of hours – not months

Notify the right people at the right time

Who is on your website? Who is active in your emails, on Facebook, and registering to events? eMarketeer automatically gives Sales a heads-up on what their customers are doing within your marketing activities straight to the CRM system

Close more deals

Listen to the buying signals from your prospects and act when they are hot and ready with relevant campaigns. Pinpoint leads and automatically deliver them in real-time to your sales team’s CRM platform. Create tasks, notifications, opportunities, and leads in your CRM system based on the prospects’ behavior.



Full overview

You have a complete overview of all the leads and information you deliver to the CRM system across all campaigns and activities.

Deep insights

Easily drill down to zero in on specific types of information such as leads or notifications, and investigate how to optimize the processes around this data with sales.

Improve performance

Track and compare performance across campaigns to identify which are generating more leads and opportunities than others.

Marketing automation and everything else all in one tool

Marketing automation is the invisible force that delivers leads to sales and enables you to automatically communicate relevantly to prospects when they are interested. Having everything in one place means that you can listen to customer behavior and react across all of your marketing channels.
See how marketing automation is empowering a few other eMarketeer features.


Email marketing

Set automations to make sure that the right people get the right information at the right time. From behaviour sensitive email marketing campaigns to notifying sales when their leads are ready and qualified.

Web forms

Fuel web forms with automated workflows dependent on form answers. Easily initiate lead nurture processes or hand leads over to sales via notifications and create leads and tasks straight in the CRM system.

Event Management

Automations are the glue that binds your event flows together and puts admin tasks on auto pilot. Automate and schedule invitations, reminders, confirmations and follow-up emails so you can focus on more important tasks.