Create stunning emails in minutes!

Adjust your sights and begin targeting like never before

Create powerful newsletters and email campaigns that sell with stunning templates, personalization, video in e-mail and complete customization. Time and time again email proves itself as a worthy and effective marketing channel. Start sending emails that are not only relevant, but act as a gateway into your marketing automation lead nurturing process.

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Gorgeous templates and designs

We set you up with a boatload of our free professionally designed templates for your email campaigns. Our templates guarantee maximum deliverability and can be completely customized to match your brand identity. Custom templates can be built from scratch giving you complete freedom while built in image editors and smart template technology ensure an effective and fun work flow.


The Magical Email Editor



Our email builder adds an element of simplicity to editing content and our template control ensures maximum deliverability in all email programs.

Drag and Drop

Our intuitive editor allows you to drag and drop content around as you create your email.

Auto Image Resize

With a single click, our template automagically ensures the correct sizing and styling of all your content.


Email personalization is always just a click away. Personalize email sender, email subject, and email content with info from the contact card. Personalize content in your emails with Dynamic Content.

Connected to over 250 content sources

Embedding videos and other rich media into your emails is a breeze.

Easy to learn

No coding skills required – ever!

More great benefits

We put the power of social, automation, analytics and mobile into your email program
in a powerful yet easy to use way.



Clear and easy to understand reports give you all the email metrics you’ve ever wanted. Zero in on what works great and what needs improvement. Create segments and lists with one click from your reports based on your prospects’ and customers’ behavior. Our built in Google Analytics integration shows you how your email efforts are contributing to conversions and reaching your goals.


You may not know it, but you are already doing mobile marketing. More than half of your email recipients are reading your emails on their phone. That’s why our email templates are mobile friendly and responsive. But why stop there? Add SMS sending and tracking, mobile barcodes and coupons, mobile signup forms, and landing pages to the mix; then you truly have a mobile strategy.



Email delivery is a science and our experts ensure that our servers and email templates are finely tuned and built for maximum deliverability. Built in ingenuity automates your list hygiene making sure that your sender reputation is top notch. With our scheduling, automations and auto responder features you can rest assured that you are always reaching out when your recipients are interested and ready to listen.



Give your email campaigns maximum exposure by adding share on social buttons to let your subscribers and fans help you put the power of social to work. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked in and others are built in and ready for you. Publish emails to your Facebook brand timeline and view your social stats in your eMarketeer email reports. Want a newsletter signup form to your Facebook page? Click – done!



Email and everything else in one tool

Email marketing is part of a much bigger picture that includes all of your marketing channels. That’s why eMarketeer is an all-in-one online marketing tool making it easy for you to do all the things you need to. Having everything in one place also means having the complete picture of how your leads are interacting with your marketing.
See how email marketing is benefiting from a few other eMarketeer features.


Marketing Automation

Set automations to make sure that the right people get the right information at the right time. Our automations cover everything from behavior sensitive email marketing campaigns to notifying sales when their leads are ready and qualified.

Event Management

Timely and effective email marketing is an integral part of event management. Automate and schedule invitations, reminders, confirmations and follow-up emails for smooth and efficient event communications.

Surveys and evaluations

Great looking email invitations, reminders and follow-ups help you increase your response rates. Automated internal notifications keep the commercial teams in the loop when their contacts respond.