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From Invitation to Evaluation

Planning and managing an event can be a monumental challenge, but when it’s all said and done this task offers one of the highest levels of satisfaction. eMarketeer allows you to design, schedule, automate and execute your entire event process. This includes pre-event communications, on site registrations and information all the way through to post-event follow-up. Reduce stress and bring the fun back into event management!

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Everything in one place (Yes, it’s possible)

If you’ve ever planned and managed an event you know how many moving parts there are to keep track of. You’re juggling email communications, Excel spreadsheets, registration website code, catering reservations, and about a thousand other items. It’s no wonder that things occasionally fall between the cracks. Sales reps and account managers are not always on top of things regarding their clients’ participation status, and this all just adds to the headache.

Well – no more headaches! eMarketeer lets you ditch Excel and IT so that you can design and setup all of your event touch points on your own. Handle communications while simultaneously keeping everyone in the loop.




Before the actual event you will be sending out “save the date” emails and invitations, as well as building buzz on social media by publishing the invitation to your followers. This is when you must set the tone for your event. Maybe you’ll use custom designed event landing pages with videos, google maps and other rich content to let invitees know all the cool details about the event. And finally, you may promote the event via text messaging and allow for mobile sign up and registration.


The event registration site is the hub of your event management. Here’s where you design the perfect registration form to make sure you capture all the information you need from your participants. Registration forms can be smartified and only show the relevant questions to your invitees as well as auto-populate with the info you already have to make sign ups quick and easy for your participants. Quickly share online reports on event registrations with your management team, your catering company, or other external partners you are relying on to make your event a success.


Automatically keep track of the invitees who have not yet registered for the event and send them great looking reminders to boost your participation rate. Automate email or SMS text message notifications to sales reps and account management when their customers register for your event to make sure they are always informed. Or, why not send the information realtime to your CRM system?


Add some prestige during the hours leading up to your event by sending text messages to all registered participants with driving directions or other event specific information. On site you could be scanning their event confirmations or mobile tickets with barcodes, have them use your custom event web app and evaluate sessions on mobile friendly evaluation forms. For the bold, you could have some real fun and live stream the event to your website, event landing page, or Facebook brand page! All done via eMarketeer of course.


After the event you’ll make sure to follow-up with participants and ask for their evaluation of the event. Send them presentations and other material as well as communicate specifically to no-shows with any relevant material. And why not use the event as the perfect starting point for a lead nurture drip campaign towards the prospects who participated.


Events management and everything else all in one tool

Great events aren’t just the ones that delivered the “wow” factor, they’re the ones that didn’t take a few precious years off of your life. With eMarketeer’s all-in-one online marketing tool both sides of the event spectrum are happy. You didn’t forget that events are supposed to be fun for you and your team as well, did you?
See how event management is benefiting from a few other eMarketeer features.


Marketing Automation

Set automations to make sure that the right people get the right information at the right time. From day before text messages to notifying account managers that their customer is joining your event, automations bring your campaign to life.

Email marketing

Events management would not be possible without timely and effective email marketing. Automate and schedule invitations, reminders, confirmations and follow-up emails for smooth and efficient event communications.


Your event participants are expecting you to be fluent in mobile. Being able to send text messages, provide mobile web apps, and let participants evaluate sessions on their mobile device are just a few of the tricks we place up your sleeve.



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