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 IHS wanted to be able to communicate with their students across multiple channels and to always know where they’re at in the buying cycle. They found their perfect match in eMarketeer and today they use it for all their communications; mobile, email, marketing automation. It’s also their event management tool and for their latest conference, they even used it to build their own event app. Simple, professional and streamlined.

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“With eMarketeer, you can track almost exactly where the lead is at in the buying cycle and it’s nice to be able to send right information at the right moment. “

– Stefana Cozan, Marketing and Communications Officer at IHS

Increased conversion rate by 60%

IHS had two criteria for their marketing automation service; easy to use and able to integrate with SuperOffice CRM, and the answer was eMarketeer. By using all of eMarketeer’s features, they figured out the secret formulae to engage their target groups.

SMS marketing, emails, marketing automation – IHS keeps testing the many different content formats supported by eMarketeer. Today, they reach target groups that previously didn’t respond, continuously learning what makes them engage. For example, they learned that SMS marketing converts better than email for their target group and increased their conversion rates by a whopping 60%.

A phone displaying the SMS text message that IHS sent encouraging to apply for scholarships.

100% response rate with a personalized app

For their 60th anniversary conference, IHS built an event app to communicate with their guests. The app was personalized; you could say that it was the guests that had the last say in what the app would look like.

The schedule was packed with several parallel seminars, and it was up to the guests to decide which ones they wanted to attend. In the app, they chose which seminars to attend and the agenda in the app was instantly updated according to their choices. And guess what? The response rate skyrocketed. Each and every app user filled out their “profile” section in the app, meaning that IHS saw preferences and information about every single one of them.

A black-and-white photo of one of the event guests.

“With an app at an event like this, it makes me feel that someone actually cares about me and how I interact with them. It gives a sense of connectedness.”

– Adrian, Event guest at IHS conference 


IHS is an institute for housing and urban development studies based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Established in 1958, IHS’s mission is to “reduce poverty and improve quality of life in cities; investing in urban professionals who make cities work.”

eMarketeer has happily served IHS since 2018.

eMarketeer is IHS’s all-in-one online marketing tool.

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