Marketing and Sales in Perfect Alignment

Increase of Email Subscribers
Minimum Open Rate
Mobile App Page Views

With a deliberate list segmentation and the full integration between SuperOffice CRM and eMarketeer, Konventum is constantly relevant to their audience. How do they know? Sky-high open rates and engaged subscribers.

Segmentation all the way

As Konventum use a 360-degree communications flow, there’s no surprise that e-marketing is a big deal for them. With a strategic segmentation of their customer pool based on the customer’s history and interests, it’s not unusual for Konventum to send 20 different newsletters per month – all to different customer groups.

And the hard work pays off. Open and click rates increased tremendously – Konventum rarely has an open rate of less than 40%.

A Dynamic Sales Flow

At Konventum, sales and marketing are considered to always be a part of the same customer flow, and even more so by closely integrating eMarketeer with SuperOffice CRM.

Now the Konventum sales team are constantly kept up-to-date with smoking hot leads, delivered automatically from eMarketeer. Slowly but surely, they gain more information about their customers as they can see exactly how they navigate and what they click on. The Konventum teams are then well-informed in time for a sales meeting and they can easily tailor content according to each subscriber.

“The knowledge you gain from your customers through the use of eMarketeer has proven to be of great value for our sales flow.”

– Katrine Lundgreen Brix, Communication and Marketing Manager

Winning with versatility

Konventum is not scared to try new things – they have happily tried the many different features in eMarketeer, with amazing results.

The addition of a pop-up on their website tripled their newsletter subscribers within a few weeks, and the eMarketeer mobile app was frequently used at one of their own conferences with 160 people. With 3000 page views and 400 unique visitors, the app was a great success among their participants.

About Konventum

Konventum is a business and conference center, offering events, courses and teambuilding-getaways for both big and small businesses.

With its 20 000 sqm venue filled with Danish art, design and architecture, Konventum is one of the largest conference centers in Denmark.

eMarketeer is Konventum’s all-in-one online marketing tool.

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