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Get real-time leads to SuperOffice – while they’re still HOT!

eMarketeer delivers real-time leads and customer information from your web and marketing activities to SuperOffice. Take advantage of eMarketeer’s multichannel capabilities and many integration options to supercharge your marketing and sales efforts. Get your eMarketeer trial account today and test the best marketing platform for SuperOffice.

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It doesn’t have to be complicated

eMarketeer’s SuperOffice Plugin gives Sales-Reps real-time leads from your web and marketing activities, delivered automatically to their account in SuperOffice. Developed using a set of best practices learned through hundreds of CRM integrations, eMarketeer’s lead management solution provides a quick self-deployment process that helps you determine which data should be shared between the two systems and what kind of information you want to pass over to your sales team.


Automations simplified


Easy setup

Setting up an automation is quite easier than it sounds. Simply tell eMarketeer what you would like to have happen, when it should happen, and what should trigger it. That’s it!

Scheduling and flows

You can schedule and delay automations to create the perfect lead nurture campaign and notify sales when the lead is qualified for contact.

Complete freedom

If there’s one thing we value and understand at eMarketeer it’s that you need complete control of your marketing processes.  With eMarketeer’s automations your campaigns are never restricted to limiting scenarios. You can add as many – or few – steps in your work flows and create as many branches as you want.

Amazing versatility

Your marketing automation flows can move leads effectively through your sales funnel across all of your marketing channels be it email, web, mobile or social. Utilize these automations to put lead nurture on auto pilot, manage your corporate events more effectively, or simply design a gorgeous welcome process for new newsletter subscribers. The options are truly endless.



Bring Sales and Marketing together



With the plug and play SuperOffice integration
your marketing automation skills jump
to a whole new level.

Plug and play

Integrating eMarketeer with your SuperOffice CRM system is a matter of hours – not months

Notify the right people at the right time

Who is on your website? Who is active in your emails, on Facebook, and registering to events? eMarketeer automatically gives Sales a heads-up on what their customers are doing within your marketing activities straight to the SuperOffice

Close more deals

Listen to the buying signals from your prospects and act when they are hot and ready with relevant campaigns. Pinpoint leads and automatically deliver them in real-time to your sales teams in SuperOffice. Create tasks, notifications, set interests, and create new leads in Superoffice based on the prospects’ behavior.



Full overview

You have a complete overview of all the leads and information you deliver to SuperOffie across all campaigns and activities.

Deep insights

Easily drill down to zero in on specific types of information such as leads or notifications, and investigate how to optimize the processes around this data with sales.

Improve performance

Track and compare performance across campaigns to identify which are generating more leads and opportunities than others.


Simple or Advanced??

Whether your ambitions for your marketing integrations into SuperOffice are simple or advanced
eMarketeer gives you intuitive and powerful controls to realize them.
Check out the tabs below for some more nitty gritty details.


Pinpoint leads and deliver them to sales in real-time

Automate your marketing processes to free up time for your sales reps and close more deals.
With eMarketeer its easy to automate actions from any event that might occur in all supported e-marketing channels e.g. Web, E-mail, SMS/Textmessage, Web Forms and Campaign Sites. Here are some typical actions and events:
Automate this
  • Create new Lead in SuperOffice
  • Create new Task in SuperOffice
  • Notify Sales-Rep in SuperOffice
  • Set contact interest in SuperOffice
  • Add/Remove to selection in SuperOffice
  • Add/remove to project in SuperOffice
  • Send an e-mail to contact
  • Send a SMS/Textmessage to contact
  • Send Notification to responsible
  • Add/remove to eMarketeer contact list
  • Add/remove to eMarketeer campaign
  • Unsubscribe contact from campaign
  • Push data to a web server
When your leads do this
  • Submits a form or answers in a specific way
  • Visits a specific page on your web site
  • Click a specific link in your email
  • Opens a SMS/Textmessage
  • Reads a web article
  • Unregister from a send-out
  • Tells a friend about your company
  • Downloads a product sheet from your web
  • Requests more information from a web form
  • Answers “unsatisfied with service” in survey
  • Register for a trial version of your software
  • Answer a form on your company Facebook page
  • And tons more…

Who is visiting your website, who’s interested in your emails and it which leads are reacting to your mobile marketing?

Give Sales a heads-up about what their customers are doing in your marketing activities. After a one click setup the service will automatically update SuperOffice when interesting events occur, without your involvement. Here are the different channels where eMarketeer monitors customer activity:

Web Activity

Tell SuperOffice Sales rep. when their customer visits the Company website. Also what pages they visited and for how long.

Email Activity

Tell SuperOffice Sales rep. when their customer receive and are active (clicked links, unregistered) in your email marketing.

Form Activity

Tell SuperOffice Sales rep. when their customer submitted a web form and also how they answered.

SMS Activity

Tell SuperOffice Sales rep. when their customer are active (clicked links) in SMS / Text Messages.

Landing page

Tell SuperOffice Sales rep. when their customer are active on an eMarketeer landing page (articles, campaign sites).

Social activity

Tell SuperOffice Sales rep. when their customer engages, signs up or asks questions on Facebook.

Import and Export with a single click.

eMarketeer’s Contact Management makes it possible to address contacts in SuperOffice selections and projects directly from eMarketeer. This feature also includes exporting contact lists in eMarketeer to SuperOffice selections and projects.
Import and address
    Address emails by selecting contacts from a Superoffice selection or project
    Address SMS by selecting contacts from a Superoffice selection or project
    Import contacts to lists and campaings from a Superoffice selection or project
Export and report

Update Superoffice with contact selections and leads from multiple channels. Some examples:

    Contacts that were addressed or who opened, clicked and unregistered
    Contacts that submitted or answered a webform in a certain way
    Contacts that submitted or answered a survey in a certain way
    Contacts who visited your website or a specific page, within a specific time period
    Contacts that were addressed, who opened or clicked
    Export contacts to a SuperOffice selection or project from contact lists and campaigns