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Mitel put some oomph into their two-day event with the help of a customized mobile app. Not only did the app contain directions, quiz and convenient evaluations, but it also had an agenda tailored for each one of the hundreds of guests.


How did the guests navigate among the 40 different seminars? How did they know what table to sit at during dinner? Just with a quick look in their Mitel-app, of course.

With more than 300 event participants, Mitel offered each one of them their very own customized app. By having the guests pre-register for which presentations they wanted to attend, Mitel tailored the agendas according to each guest’s individual schedule. On top of that, they also included the seating arrangements for the festivities in the evening. No need to scan mile-long lists and schedules, all information was just a click away.

So, what did the guests think about the app?


Coffee too cold? Room temperature too warm? Was the presentation informative enough? The guests were more than happy to share their thoughts via the quick feedback feature in the app. Of course, Mitel ensured that their guests’ requests could be tended to immediately, with all the answers collected directly in eMarketeer.

“The best part about eMarketeer is that it’s user-friendly. It’s that simple to learn how the tool works and to keep a good overview over all your marketing campaigns.”

– Monica Fredriksen, Marketing Manager Mitel Norway

An Appified Quiz

Questions for the Mitel-quiz had been put up and as the guests were strolling through the venue, they could easily participate in the quiz by answering the questions in their phones. Again, the answers were reported in eMarketeer and the winner could be presented right away. Who doesn’t like an appified quiz?


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