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Great marketing is personal, targeted, relevant, and mobile!

You may not know it yet, but you’re already doing mobile marketing. More than half of your email recipients are reading your emails on their mobile device. That’s why our email templates are mobile friendly and responsive. Create a truly original mobile strategy of your own by adding SMS sending and tracking; or, throw landing pages, mobile barcodes, coupons and sign up forms into the mix as well.

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Key Features


SMS text messaging

Personalized text messaging can be a powerful way of reminding your contacts about upcoming events or confirming transactions. Send tickets, coupons with barcodes, or even notify your seminar guests that the key note is starting in 10 minutes! Text messages are also a great way of notifying sales reps and account managers about their leads’ and customers’ behavior as they reach milestones in their journey through the sales funnel.

Responsive designs and mobile web apps

Our templates for emails, forms, and web pages are built with mobile in mind to make sure that they look great wherever and whenever your contacts decide to view them. You can also create webpages and forms specifically designed for mobile, effectively turning them into apps. Why not create a mobile app for your next event that includes agendas, driving directions on maps, session evaluations, as well as videos and presentation handouts? Leave your invitees with something to talk about by delivering that “wow” factor we’re all looking for when hosting an event.


Marketing automation for mobile


Marketing automation is not reserved for your website and email campaigns. eMarketeer enables you to track and automate your mobile marketing activities as well. Schedule and automate text messages based on lead behavior and react to text message link clicks or mobile web app activity.

Multi channel marketing

Generate love for your brand or company by engaging rather than interrupting. Your leads and customers will appreciate your ability to engage in dialogue with them in the channel of their choice. Do they want reminders via email or text message? Would they like flash alerts and offers sent to their mobile or their inbox? You will have all the marketing channels available and be able to design campaigns across channels depending on your target groups preferences. It’s all about the options!


SMS Text Message features


Global Delivery

Delivering text messages worldwide can become a daunting endeavor. But you can rest assured that our infrastructure ensures delivery across the globe. With Sleep-Tight-Messaging, we match locations to preferred delivery times to make sure you’re not waking anyone up in the middle of the night.

Personalized content

In many ways, text messaging is a more personal form of communication than email. That’s why we’ve made it possible to personalize your text messages down to the last detail as well as enable you to send as your brand, and not some tech provider. This personal touch is further strengthened by your ability to trigger and schedule text messages based on contact behavior and preferences.


Designed for the mobile experience

Text messages can be sent in any language or character set.  eMarketeer always monitors how to deliver these across the globe, as well as lets you know how many messages your text will be generating. Links in text messages are automatically shortened for optimal delivery to recipients and tracked for optimal reporting to you. Links from text messages are individualized so you can create a truly personal experience going from the text message link to the mobile landing page with ticket information, barcode coupon, evaluation form, or whatever you come up with.


Hosted Gateway

We’ve designed and engineered the mobile marketing experience with you in mind and partnered with the best mobile communication technology providers around so you don’t have to think about platforms, gateways, and roaming networks. We want you to focus on your message, your audience, and how mobile can strengthen your communication  – not on technology.