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SAP Success Story

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SAP delivered a great cross platform mobile experience for the guests at their Partner Summit.
How? By building a mobile web app filled with useful features and essential event information.
All this in just a few hours.

From idea to app in no time

SAP and their event agency Impact Group were able to get from idea to execution in the shortest time imaginable. With the “no coding needed” approach they could focus on app content and process instead of code hurdles and lack of developer skills. The result was a professional event app loaded with personalized and rich media content built in less than a day.

Easy app distribution

Getting the SAP event app onto the event goers’ phones was a seamless part of the event communications process. As SAP didn’t need to rely on app store approval, they decided how and when the app was made available to the participants. Adoption rate peaked as SAP delivered the app with SMS and QR codes, rather than having the users take a detour via the app stores.

Engagement and adoption through the roof

By delivering essential and interesting content in the event app SAP drove the adoption and usage of the app up.

Way up! 9 out of 10 participants used the event app and on average each user had more than 20 page visits during the event. The event app blew printed agendas and event programs out of the water.

The SAP event app included agenda, participants list, videos, photo galleries, twitter feed and a sponsor section. Pretty much all the information you’d want when going to an event. No more printed agendas left at the tables or wrong information about break out rooms. Correct and up to date information is always available right in your participants’ pockets.

Social increases event reach

The SAP Partner Summit used Twitter as the primary social channel during the event. Therefor it was only natural to also leverage Twitter inside the event app.

Using a quick tweet feature ensured maximum exposure of the event hashtag #RunSimple and including a live twitter feed inside the app gave easy access to all the event buzz. Almost 20% of the app users tweeted through the app and many more viewed the feed.


SAP Partner Summit App scored an impressive 4 out of 5 stars rating in the post event evaluation.

Not bad for a project that took a couple of hours and had no budget.

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