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Linking contacts to their digital footprints

When recipients exit the e-mail and venture on to your websites, blogs, or campaign pages, we track their behavior and habits across these sites as well. This gives you the full trail of actions generated from that initial e-mail blast. Imagine what this means in terms of ability to learn from your great campaigns and improve upon the not so great ones. Understand why some landing pages work better than others and find out where your contacts leaves your website.

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Sales enablement

Did you know that up to 70% of the buyer’s journey and pre-purchase research happens before your prospect contacts sales? These days it’s all about being able to arm your sales with relevant, valuable information about their leads’ behavior during this phase. The ability to show sales which pages, products, and cases their leads have been visiting on your website is crucial to restoring balance to this shift in the power dynamic. They’ll be able to speak to the leads’ interests and understand which knowledge they have about your products before even speaking to them! Imagine what that means for canvasing and meeting preparation. Cold calling is a thing of the past and if you aren’t implementing these processes yesterday, you’re already behind the ball.

Website analytics

Web monitor transforms your website into a powerful tool for systematically cultivating, engaging, and capturing sales opportunities. It keeps you up to date on how your prospects and leads interact with your website through intuitive and interactive reports, including:

Number of website visitors over a period of time
Most popular website pages and time spent on these
Leading referrers and traffic sources
“Hottest Prospect” analyzer


Lead behavior

“But aren’t these metrics gathered by my web statistics too?” To put it briefly, the answer is no.  What makes the Web Monitor so great is that all website visits and activities are linked back to your contacts in eMarketeer. This gives you a 360 view of your contacts behavior on your site. No longer will your leads end up as anonymous visitor stats and daily averages. They are real-life individuals and your lead qualification skills just sky rocketed now that you know what pages on your website they are interested in. Everything is neatly stored in the Web Monitor reports and on the individual contacts activity history. Best of all, it’s also reported real time to your CRM so that sales know which of their leads are on your website and what they have been reading about.

Web monitor information on individual lead level include:

Individual stats from visits and re-visits with drill-down info to all visited pages
Statistics about the lead’s most active periods
Where did the lead come from