Our service packages are provided to make sure you are using eMarketeer to it’s maximum potential. Rather than focusing on a consulting model that leaves you dependent, we designed our services with the intention of pushing you towards independence.  After all, a better you is a better us.


You’ll be up and running in no time

Together with an eMarketeer Specialist your company’s needs and goals are analyzed. Following this, you build, test, and launch your campaign together as a team. The most important element of this Kick-Start is that you transition from it with the knowledge and expertise necessary to do it all on your own moving forward.

Kick-Start Packages for:

Email Marketing | Events | Surveys | Marketing Automation | Lead Management for SuperOffice


Lack the resources? Let us do the job

There’s no one better equipped to handle the ins and outs of eMarketeer than one of our very own in-house Specialists. Save valuable time and effort by hiring us to tackle day to day tasks such as building, testing, and launching your campaigns in eMarketeer. (Hourly charge/min 4 hours)

Template Design

Looking this good was never this easy

Let our experienced designers create your template utilizing their hard found knowledge of deliverability, mobile responsiveness and cross platform perfection.


We take an existing eMarketeer template and use this as a base to build your custom template. Everything from the logo, colors, fonts, header and footer, to one custom media block are designed to your specifications. Rest assured knowing that the eMarketeer design team will provide you with a quality finished product.


We start from scratch and build according to your vision. Unique coding, sizes, shapes, CTA’s, links, and a number of other details can be tailor-made to your specifications by our eMarketeer design team. Order a design to mirror your company’s existing look and feel from top to bottom, or go with a radical new design concept; it’s completely up to you.

Specialized Training

Hands-on training to ensure ongoing success

We offer an online training environment for up to 10 participants that covers the basic overviews, and drills down into specific scenarios that may directly pertain to your company’s interests or goals. Additionally, we make a free-recorded copy of this training session available to all participants for future review.With 4-hour (half day) and 8-hour (full day) training options, you can schedule training according to your needs.

New User Onboarding

Up to speed in minutes, rather than weeks

Whether it’s filling a vacancy or adding a user account, eMarketeer’s New User Onboarding program takes the burden off of your shoulders.  Time truly does mean money, which is why we offer this 90 minute online intensive training package to get new users up to speed as quickly and effectively as possible.