Top 5 eMarketeer blog posts from 2018

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Although we’re heading towards a new year and new ways to do marketing, we always learn something from history. That’s why we listed our top performing blog posts from 2018 cause there are some great tips there that you can apply to your marketing in 2019 as well. So here goes; our best marketing advice from 2018.

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Our Best Marketing Advice from 2018

6 skills your marketing team needs

If you were to list all tasks a marketing team has to deal with, you would end up with a list that represents the “too long, didn’t read” sayings. It ranges from content, web, analytics – you name it – meaning that multi-skilled professionals are definitely sought-after. Whether you’re looking to build a marketing team from scratch or figuring out what skills you want to improve for your own sake, this posts list 6 skills your marketing team needs.

Important skills that your marketing team must have in 2018

3 common marketing and sales myths debunked

Sales and marketing alignment really hit it big this year. It’s been the focus of many differences and that won’t change in the near future. Why? Because it’s now we’ve come to understand the importance of bridging the gaps between the two teams in order to make more business and avoid losing leads.

How to build successful subject lines for higher open rates

You got one shot, and one shot only, to convince your readers to open your emails. And that’s with the subject line. Easy to say though, how do you encourage someone to take action when you only have 45 characters to do so? What tone of voice should you use? What makes your subscribers click? Hopefully, this post gives you some tips to think about for your next email.

How to increase email click-through rate

So you crafted a subject line that got your subscribers to open the email. Does it stop there? No, this is where it begins! You now need to offer them an email that actually makes them engage with your content. It’s that engagement that leads to conversions and purchases, right? Here’s how to format an email that your subscribers won’t resist clicking.

How to increase clicks in your email.

Digital marketing secrets you need to know

The beginning of every year often includes some self-reflection. What did we do last year that worked, what didn’t work as we expected? This post offers some thoughts on tactics that you could implement for your digital marketing strategy.

Person walking in to meeting room woith folder marked as

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As Digital Marketing Manager, Josefine oversees strategies, production and processes for all content marketing efforts, including social media, email and blog. She also introduced videos into their content marketing strategy, in which she shares her best tips on different marketing topics.

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