You walk in to the office in the morning and there’s a huge pile of B2B leads waiting for you. You just give them a call or shoot them an email and by the end of the day, you’ve closed deals with all of them. Ah, how amazing the life of business is. If that ever was true.

Every salesperson is on the hunt for more leads. The marketing team too for that matter. Finding those sales opportunities is hard though; most of the buying process is completed without even involving a sales person. But what if I told you that that dream with a pile of leads waiting for you every morning is actually true? Before I tell you about this magical tool to help you discover more B2B leads, Leadexplorer, I thought I’d quickly mention some tactics that are detrimental to discover and qualify leads.

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These tactics have truly proved themselves with great results, although they might require some works. To help you out on the way to more B2B leads, I would like to present Leadexplorer. Leadexplorer helps you discover more leads and provide you with the right information about them in order to qualify them.



One of marketing’s many tasks is to generate more traffic to one’s website. The problem is that close to all of your website visitors leaves the site without handing over any of their contact information. Still, those website visitors are leads. They found their way to your website – of course, we don’t want to lose those leads out in cyberspace. A business’ website sits on a lot of power, to not use it as a powerful marketing and sales tool is an outdated way of managing and collecting leads. Leadexplorer brings back the power to your website.

How? Leadexplorer gives you deep insights about the companies that visits you website. We’re talking more than just company name and logo, you get size, industry, news feed etc. The information you need to close more deals so to speak. What really makes a difference is that Leadexplorer scores those companies based on how interested they are in your business.

With Leadexplorer, this is some of the information on your B2B leads that are presented to you:

  • A list with all companies that visited your site. You can even filter on them to just show the leads that you are interested in.
  • Learn where the companies came from, what pages they spent time on and what their interests are.
  • Each company has a “company view” with everything you need to know about the company; company basics, interest, details about their visit and so on.
  • What pages were the most interesting? Get all their interests and engagement.
  • Integration with eMarketeer
    By integrating to your marketing tool, eMarketeer, the company card is enriched with known contacts that visited your site. With this comes the marketing timeline where you can see how the contacts engaged in your marketing content.
  • Integration with SuperOffice CRM
    When a company visits your site, you can immediately see CRM insights, such as total sales and opportunities. If it’s not in SuperOffice CRM yet, you just add it directly with a click in Leadexplorer.

Focus on the leads that are actually interested in you.

One thing that’s worth highlighting here is the fact to you get a view of what the leads looked at on your site and how much time they spent on your brand. Why is this so important? Well, I’m sure that you think that a page visit to a certain page is “worth more” than another when it comes to qualifying leads. For example, a visit to a “pricing” – page indicates a more sales  – or marketing qualified lead compared to a visit to a blog post.

This means that you can quickly get an idea of what companies are actually interested in your business and which companies to focus your sales processes on. Hey, you’re served the leads that have the biggest potential of becoming your customer!

See who’s on your site – right now

Leadexplorer also has this one-of-a-kind live report, where you can follow what companies are on your site in real-time. Put it on autopilot, screenshare it to your office TV and your whole team can be involved in what goes on on your website right this moment.

It’s morning again. You walk into the office and there’s a huge pile of B2B leads waiting for you in Leadexplorer. The workday begins with a look at the web leads list of all companies that visited your site. You sort the list according to the filter you set up so it only displays your top leads. You visit the company cards to really get to know them and you analyze their interests and level of engagement. If you determine they’re ready for a contact, you reach out and soon enough, you’ve closed the deal. Ah, how amazing the life of a sales person is.


It’s free to try!

You’re in luck. You can actually try out Leadexplorer, no string attached, for a week. All you need is access to your Google Analytics account and set up only takes a few minutes. And you know what that means? Free leads for you! Now go get them.

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As Digital Marketing Manager, Josefine oversees strategies, production and processes for all content marketing efforts, including social media, email and blog. She also introduced videos into their content marketing strategy, in which she shares her best tips on different marketing topics.

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