Get Love, Not Just Likes

Building a Facebook page is about building relationships

Our Facebook page builder gives you the ability to create a rich social environment that truly engages and identifies with your audience. It’s easy to blend in on the world’s largest social platform, which is where eMarketeer comes in. Add video, audio, slideshows or over 200+ other rich content media sources to your pages without a single line of code.

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Facebook page builder

If you’re going to build lasting relationships on Facebook, you’re going to need complete control of your page. Our editor lets you add videos, slideshows, maps and practically everything else you can get your hands on. Reward your fan base and let them know they’re special by utilizing advanced features like “fan gates” which allow you to control what “likers” vs “non-likers” see on your page.

Facebook wall poster

Posting your newsletters and landing pages on Facebook gives your message a much broader reach. As your audience engages with your posts, your content gets shared way beyond your list of subscribers. Grow your audience and keep track of your reach with our social reports.


Facebook forms and surveys

From sign ups and contact us forms to full scale customer surveys, our form builder takes care of it. Skip logic, rules and an arsenal of question types make the form builder your new best friend.
Add Facebook integration, reports and rule based automations to the mix and you have a killer combo.

Marketing automation for Facebook

Set trigger points that listen for specific pre-defined actions and engage when rules are met to initiate a chain of events across all channels. Drive your interactions from Facebook to email, across mobile, and then to landing pages. With eMarketeer you have all channels at your disposal.


Templates for days

Start with one of our professionally designed Facebook templates and customize it completely to meet your brand and style.

Our templates have more than 100 layout blocks to ensure maximum flexibility. You won’t need one app for video, one app for slideshows and one app for forms and signups – eMarketeer covers them all. (No worries, you can thank us later)


There’s more…


Fan gates

A great way to build your audience and retain them is to let them know they’re special. By using fan gates, you control what content gets shown to “likers” vs “non-likers.”

Facebook comments

If you’re going to Get Love, Not Likes, you have to engage with your fans! Add comments to your page and watch these interactions spread virally.


Rich media

Easily add YouTube videos, SlideShare decks, Flickr albums, Google Maps or any other of our 250 supported rich content media types with a simple URL paste. (You’ll be surprised how addicting it can be!)

Multiple pages

Manage multiple Facebook brand profiles and create up to 10 customized pages for them. Publishing and un-publishing pages is a simple one-click process.


Always synced

Any change you make to your page in eMarketeer is instantly updated and live on Facebook.


Lots of great looking Facebook ready templates makes for a great starting point for complete customization.


http and https

Many Facebook page builder apps only work over non secure connections, which is bad news for the users and fans.

Forms and signups

Build forms for every purpose and include advanced features like display rules, field validation and lots of question types.