Make your marketing and sales team
work together in perfect harmony!

Add Lead Management to your SuperOffice CRM

Get qualified leads from web and marketing activities delivered automatically to your CRM while they are still hot.

Developed using a set of best practices learned through hundreds of CRM integrations, eMarketeer’s lead management solution provides a quick self-deployment process that helps you determine which data should be shared between the two systems and what kind of information you want to pass over to your sales team.


Lead nurturing and notifications for SuperOffice

Nurture, build knowledge and keep sales in the loop

Marketing automation is an integral part of any advanced lead nurture and lifecycle marketing program.

Surveys & Evaluations for SuperOffice

Customer satisfaction feedback delivered to your CRM

Drag and drop to edit forms from the template gallery or build your own forms from scratch to fit your style and project.

Event Management for SuperOffice

From Invitation to Evaluation

eMarketeer allows you to design, schedule, automate and execute your entire event process. This includes pre-event communications, on site registrations and information all the way through to post-event follow-up.

Website visits for SuperOffice

Linking contacts to their digital footprints

A whole new level. Not only how many visitors you have on your website, it tells you who.

Sell more with instant insight!

Interaction Timeline

With our interaction timeline for SuperOffice CRM, sales reps are now just a click away from viewing monthly interaction rates as well as lifetime interaction details, all displayed in chronological order.

360 lead view

With our comprehensive 360 lead view you’re able to see which social platforms your leads are active on, when you first interacted with them and learn more on the interests & interactions of other members within the same organization.

Clean Insights

Gain instant access to insights such as how many times your lead has visited your website during a given month or how far their interaction went with a given email; Less clicking, more selling.

Easy Contact Management

Import and Export with a single click!

eMarketeer’s Contact Management makes it possible to address contacts in SuperOffice selections and projects directly from eMarketeer. This feature also includes exporting contact lists in eMarketeer to SuperOffice selections and projects.


Address emails and SMS by selecting contacts from a Superoffice selection or project


Import contacts to lists and campaings from a Superoffice selection or project


Update Superoffice with contact selections and leads from emails, web, forms etc.

Certified and tested by SuperOffice

With over 3 years of R&D put into our SuperOffice plug-in, its important for us and also for you to have it verified and certified by Superoffice’s own developers. This gives you, as a client, verification that both softwares work great together. As of 2014 we are the only certified marketing system out there.

Work smarter! Manage all your emarketing tasks with ONE tool

Fully integrated with Superoffice CRM

Not just email; eMarketeer’s versatile building model makes it easy to combine emails, forms, sms and web pages to facilitate your marketing objectives. The possibilities are unlimited. Here are a few scenarios that we’ve found to be the most popular amongst  SuperOffice marketing professionals.

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In this webinar you will learn how to add marketing automation capabilities to SuperOffice V7 with eMarketeer. We will also talk about Marketing Automation, the Buyer’s Journey and Sales & Marketing alignment. Get first hand experience on how quick and easy you can create leads, tasks and notifications from your marketing activities directly in SuperOffice with eMarketeer. DURATION: 40 MINUTES

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